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Witching Hour
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The Swine
Deathbloom: Chapter 2
Deathbloom: Chapter 1
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Portrait of Horror Game Developer Vincent Lade

The Developer

I’ve been writing, designing, and coding video games since 2018, all based on short horror stories I’ve written in the past. The process of converting each of these written stories into interactive video games has been one of my biggest (and most time consuming) passions.

The heart of each game is different from the others, some are centered around survival and combat (the Deathbloom series), some around investigating mysteries (Witching Hour and Harthorn), and some are simply stories to experience (The Swine). Whichever you choose I hope you enjoy your time with them, and look forward to what I will be making next.

Signature of Vincent Lade

"Bought the rest of Vincent Lade's games because if they're anything like The Swine I am sure I will enjoy them."

— BiONiX4zero1, review of 'The Swine'

"Everything is impeccable in this game, I hope from the bottom of my heart that it will become a series, because it has a future."

— Rachel Wykowski, review of 'Deathbloom: Chapter 1'

"There's something to be said for indie horror games with heart, and Harthorn felt like an ode to older horror movies in a number of ways."

— The Final Counselor, review of 'Harthorn'

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