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Will you survive when the world falls apart?

Jawbreaker is a survival horror game that will have you running, hiding, and fighting in a terrifying gang-infested society on the verge of collapse. Though that’s not all, once the sun goes down the true fear begins...

Genre: Survival horror with stealth, puzzle, and combat mechanics.


After the “Great Economic Collapse of 2028” and the mysterious “Awakening” there’s only one thing that matters: stay alive another day. The average person is driven to join any armed group that will have them, fighting for supplies and territory is the new way of life in the cities and towns formerly known as the United States.

You were once a school teacher, but now you are a member of a small gang in New Citadel City. Supplies are running low in your bunker and you’ve volunteered to venture into the concrete ruins to loot for anything to bring back.

During this expedition an untouched police station catches your eye, an unusual sight in a heavily looted neighbourhood. You take the risk and break-in through an unsecured door, shortly afterwards dread begins to set in as you realise who has taken refuge in this station and why no other scavengers have dared to enter it…


  • Deep exploration into a dystopian vision of the United States
  • Utilize stealth by staying low, peeking around corners, using items like your Portable Radar, and throwing objects to distract foes
  • Hide under tables, in lockers, between shelves, or shadows to stay unseen
  • Search for weapons to defend yourself, though gunshots draw attention...
  • An interactive environment encourages looting for supplies
  • Manage your inventory by decided what to carry, craft, or store in the Suitcase
  • Multiple endings prove if you are a true survivor or not


The inspiration behind Jawbreaker comes from taking the best parts of three horror icons and piecing them together: the oppressive atmosphere of Outlast, the stealth and combat of Alien Isolation, and the puzzles and inventory management of Resident Evil.

The gripping story Interweaved with these elements creates an experience that will stay in the minds of horror lovers for years to come.