Deathbloom 1

Survival Horror

Deathbloom: Chapter 1

Released: 2019

Available on: Steam


Deathbloom: Chapter 1 is the first half of the Bachman Manor story, inspired by the classics of survival horror.

The Manor: Sprawls into a maze of corridors, bedrooms, foyers, libraries, studies, galleries, gardens, and more.Filled with puzzles, traps, and hidden passageways that keep the player exploring and solving the secrets of the Manor.

The Guests: You are not alone, the occupants and even manifestations of the Manor itself keep the player running, hiding, or fighting for their life.

Genre: Deathbloom is a survival horror series with combat, puzzles, and exploration at its core.


  • Check and mark your map while exploring the vast Bachman Manor and surrounding estate
  • Look for items, keys, and solve cryptic riddles to advance through its dark halls
  • Arm yourself with anything you can find to stay alive, from modern weapons to medieval ones
  • Search for supplies, secrets areas, and letters to increase your chances of survival
  • Numb Bodies, Feral Dogs, Dollfaces, Starved, “The Bloody Woman”, and “Samual” are residents that will keep you running for your life and looking over your shoulder
  • Learn of your mysterious friend “Christina” while she helps you along the way
  • Discover “Deathbloom” and be pulled into a world between life and death


The inspiration behind Deathbloom comes from survival horror classics like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Gathering supplies, fighting enemies, and solving puzzles give homage to this timeless playstyle.

These inspirations create the core of the “Deathbloom” series.



The grand hall location in Deathbloom Chapter 1
Fighting an enemy with a shotgun in Deathbloom Chapter 1
One of the manor bathrooms in Deathbloom Chapter 1
Fighting an enemy with a pistol in Deathbloom Chapter 1
The library location in Deathbloom Chapter 1
Surprise attack from the doll face enemies in Deathbloom Chapter 1
Fighting a horde of starved enemies with a sword in Deathbloom Chapter 1
A lone chair and altar in Deathbloom Chapter 1
Full map of Bachman Manor in Deathbloom Chapter 1
The main gate leading to Bachman Manor in Deathbloom Chapter 1
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Start your journey of classic survival horror in "Deathbloom"

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