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Vincent Lade
Specializing in "Indie Horror"
Canadian based in Central, Hong Kong


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Twitter: @VincentLade
Email: [email protected]
Website: vincentladegames.com


Will you survive when the world falls apart?

Jawbreaker is a punishing stealth & survival horror game that will have you running, hiding, and fighting in a terrifying gang-infested society on the verge of collapse. Though that’s not all, once the sun goes down the true fear begins...

Genre: Survival horror with stealth, puzzle, and combat mechanics.


After the devastating "Great Economic Collapse of 2028," survival is the only thing that matters. The average person is compelled to join armed groups, engaging in battles for resources and control over what were once the cities and towns of the United States.

You belong to a small gang based in New Citadel City, and your bunker's supplies are dwindling. You've been chosen to venture into the concrete ruins on rumours of an unlooted police station on the edge of town—a high-risk, high-reward mission.

After breaking in through an unguarded entrance, a sense of dread fills your mind as you realise who has taken refuge in this station and question whether the entire thing was a setup by your own gang…


  • Deep exploration into a dystopian vision of the United States
  • Utilize stealth by staying low, peeking around corners, using items like your Portable Radar, and throwing objects to distract foes
  • Hide under tables, in lockers, between shelves, or shadows to stay unseen
  • Search for weapons to defend yourself, though gunshots draw attention...
  • An interactive environment encourages looting for supplies
  • Manage your inventory by deciding what to carry, craft, or store in the Suitcase


The inspiration behind Jawbreaker comes from taking the best parts of three horror icons and piecing them together: the oppressive atmosphere of Outlast, the stealth and combat of Alien Isolation, and the puzzles and inventory management of Resident Evil.

The gripping story Interweaved with these elements creates an experience that will stay in the minds of horror lovers for years to come.

Gameplay Loop

Utilize stealth to sneak around gangs of enemies while they hunt your movements and use running, hiding, or combat if your plan fails. On escaping to a new area begin looting for supplies while solving puzzles to prepare for the next test of survival!
The core gameplay loop for Jawbreaker


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The Developer

I'm an indie game developer that started creating games in 2018. I've released six games that have reached players in over 130 countries and in eight languages, with a seventh launching 2024 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

My games are developed in either Unity or Unreal to fit each game's requirements, along with a different concept or setting within the horror genre. I've had the opportunity to release games both independently and through collaborations with publishers like CR Channel.

I'm constantly exploring new ideas in the aim to create memorable experiences for players, with many more games waiting to be developed.

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